Warner Bros. Shelf ‘Batgirl’ With No Plans To Release Theatrically – Deadline

Even batgirl is in the final stages of post-production, Deadline has confirmed that Warner Bros. and DC Films will not release the film on any platform, including in theaters.

This is in line with the new WB regime’s mandate to cut back on the feature films that will premiere on the streamer and to decide which films will be released in theaters and which will be shelved, and sources close to the project say that this message has arrived. week that batgirl didn’t cut the knot.

Warner Bros. had no comment.

The film stars Leslie Grace in the titular role, Brendan Frasier and Michael Keaton reprising their roles in Bruce Wayne and are set to bow sometime in 2023. As for the exact reason behind the racks, sources say the film was not in line with the new strategy being implemented by both DC Films and HBO Max. The studio is looking to make theatrical tent poles with budgets over $90 million, and from the first images seen, it fell out of place with that model. (batgirl was given the green light for a $70 million budget.)

The decision follows several recent changes to the company, including major changes to HBO Max, and more are expected with the upcoming earnings call later this week. The New York Post first reported the batgirl news.

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