Triple H Is ‘Excited’ At Opportunity To Take WWE ‘In A Direction It’s Never Been Before’

Triple H was a special guest on the latest episode of “IMPAULSIVE,” the cleverly titled podcast hosted by social media star and recently signed WWE talent Logan Paul. They talked about a wide range of topics, but of particular interest was when it was inevitably their turn to talk about the departures of Vince McMahon and Triple H, who, in a sense, took his place.

Paul tells a story about every time he performed for WWE, he went backstage and shared a handshake with McMahon in the “Gorilla” position. But on the Madison Square Garden episode of Monday night Raw recently it was Triple H who was there. His response to this was, “I think there’s a really interesting opportunity to do, I don’t know, things that have never been done before. So I’m going to be pitching ideas to you all the time.”

Triple H came back with this:

“I’m counting on it. I’ll say this about Vince – huge shoes I couldn’t even dream of filling. The gap there right now is huge. But the opportunity to take it in a direction it’s never been before is huge. I am overjoyed at that opportunity. We have an incredible team. It will never be one person. One person can’t even begin to fill their shoes. It takes a whole team of people to jump into those shoes.”

“The Game”, as he was known for a long time during his time in the ring, is currently doing a great job of playing it. He cuts through everything that McMahon meant to the industry, without saying outright that he will correct the many mistakes that existed under Vince’s rule. That he’s made sure to mention in multiple interviews, not just his, that no one can do this is remarkable because, creatively speaking, McMahon was something of a one-man army within WWE.

He also had many quirks and was determined regarding the kind of product he wanted to present. Without that hurdle, there is definitely room for WWE to become something more and move in a direction that it has never gone before. What exactly does that mean?

We just need to stay tuned to find out. From the numbers so far, many people are doing just that.

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