What Parents Should Know About Enterovirus D68?

What Parents Should Know About Enterovirus D68?

Photo: Julia (Shutterstock) The CDC recently issued a butrt to health care providers about enterovirus D68, which has emerged in children hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses. This virus can also cause a form of paralysis known as acute flaccid myelitis. Most illnesses with this virus do not cause the paralysis, but it is good for … Read more

How Many Cups of Coffee You Should Drink a Day, According to ‘Science’

Photo: patience (Shutterstock) A study now in the news claims that people who drink two to three cups of coffee a day live longer than people who avoid coffee. So should we all drink two to three cups? Not necessary. Let’s take a look at where these numbers come from. Two to three cups for … Read more

This is what coatings you really need on new glasses

Photo: Ground photo (Shutterstock) Buying glasses can seem strangely like buying a new car: prices are often hidden from you, they cost more than they’re entitled to – and a whole host of mysterious upgrades are pushed at you. coverings. I’m talking about coatings: the anti-scratch and anti-reflective agent you can add to your lenses … Read more