‘Squid Game’ Creator Reveals One Scene That Convinced Him Gi-hun Wasn’t Bad

It seems the world can’t stop talking about squid game, even months after its 2021 premiere. With recent history-making Emmy nominations, director and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is thinking back to the process of making the K-drama. The mastermind of Squid Game discusses finding his protagonist, and then in one moment he realized that Seong Gi-hun wasn’t a villain at heart.

Seong Gi-hun Makes Bad Life Choices in ‘Squid Game’

South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae brought the role of Seong Gi-hun to life in Squid game. The somewhat protagonist of the K-drama isn’t the sin-free angel you’d expect. He didn’t make the best impression on the first meeting. Fans saw him have a gambling problem and not be able to keep a job or his money. Above all, it upset fans when he asked his mother for money.

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