NFL gets closer to deadline for filing an appeal against Deshaun Watson


The stunning news of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ suspension for tampering (which he did) but not for fueling (which he tried to do) pushed the Deshaun Watson case out of the news for at least a day. It won’t be out of the news for long.

The NFL’s appeal is due to be filed shortly. With no reporting or evidence of discussions with the NFL Players Association to potentially extend the deadline (an extension is allowed, if the parties agree), the clock is ticking towards closing the window for the NFL to appeal against Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision to (checks notes) the NFL.

As a rule, the competition has three business days to file the appeal. It’s unclear whether that means 72 hours from the time Judge Robinson communicates her decision to the parties, or whether the cases will close on the third business day after her decision is made. A good lawyer involves identifying all possible deadlines and adhering to the earliest – just in case.

Heck, in this case, it would make sense to appeal today, to avoid the potential claim that because the decision was made before the opening of NFL operations on Monday, Monday was the first business day and today the third.

That probably wouldn’t be a strong argument, but why take the risk? To be as safe as possible, the league must file the appeal before 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, if an appeal is made.

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