Nelly Furtado Makes a Rare Performance at Drake’s OVO Show in Toronto

Nelly Furtado made a surprising, rare live performance this week to sing two of her hits with Drake at the rapper’s OVO Presents All-Canadian North Stars event in Toronto.

Furtado, who hadn’t performed live in nearly five years, gave a shortened version of her “Promiscuous” before being joined by Drake on a jovial, sing-along rendition of the single “I’m Like a Bird.”

“Thank God I’m a kind, humble, well spoken [person]I like dealing with people the right way because that’s the only way you can get this next person out of the house to do what they’re going to do now,” Drake said when introducing his compatriot, noting her long absence from the stage.

“I don’t care how loud you sang tonight, right now, I want you to sing as loud as you can because this here cost a lot… This next person changed my life so much, I love her so much .”

The Grammy-winning Furtado hasn’t toured since 2017, the same year she released her latest studio album, The ride. However, the singer has made a comeback in the music scene in the past year, releasing an EP with German production duo Quarterhead in May 2021, followed by a reissue for her 2006 album. loose fitting.

The Furtado Cameo Continues the Celebration of Drake’s Hometown TRLhitmakers of the era, when the rapper himself made a surprise appearance to perform with the Backstreet Boys when that band visited Toronto.

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