Naga Chaitanya talks about his divorce

Naga Chaitanya talks about his divorce

It has been nine months since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha broke up. But still the questions related to the same thing haunted them both.

Samantha talked about it enough lately on the show of Koffee With Karan.

Now Naga Chaitanya is engaged in Laal Singh Chadda’s promotions and is facing such questions.

In response to a question, he said: “Whatever we both wanted to say, we both made a statement about that. I’ve always done that with my private life anyway. Things that I think are crucial to be shared and brought out, I inform the media about it whether it’s good or bad I come out tell the people about it through a statement and that’s it In our case Samantha has moved on I’ve moved on and I don’t feel the need to to inform the world about it, more than that.”

“My friends, family and the people who matter, they all know it. And you see, news replaces news. All speculations and conjectures are all very temporary. The more I comment on it, the more news it will make. So I just keep calm about it, let it happen and hopefully it will all fade,” he added.

In fact, everything, including the worries of celebrities, stands as entertainment for the people. They become intrigued and want to know the stories behind divorces. But I hope the curtains are open here with Naga Chaitanya’s answer.

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