MLB dot Com’s Trade Deadline Day Predictions: Contreras, Happ, Robertson

For early-night entertainment—don’t take it too much more than that—check out’s Trade Deadline Day predictions, which feature two big Cubs moves.

First, the Cubs are sending David Robertson—and only David Robertson—to New York:

Not with the Yankees, but with the Mets, who need a strong reliever. The Mets have a need at DH too, but haven’t been enamored with the offerings and price tags. It wouldn’t come as a shock, though, to see them land JD Martinez (perhaps with Dominic Smith involved). That would get them multiple DHs called JD, which we can assume would be a record without checking.

I think this probably isn’t being discussed enough as the heavy focus with the Mets stuff is about how aggressively they push back the Willson Contreras rumors (because, I’m pretty sure they want both Contreras and Robertson). But there’s a chance Contreras will go elsewhere, and Robertson will finish a solo piece going to the Mets.

Even for the best rental broker on the market, you won’t get a prospect from the top of an organization. But I wonder if the Cubs can bring in Matt Allan, the much too-long conscript of 2019 who had Tommy John surgery last year and thus hasn’t pitched competitively since 2019. You don’t get a man like Allan if he’s been healthy. and certainly not in a deal for a rent lightener. But after the injury? Now that he’s not back yet? Maybe.

Of course, the Mets would probably see that as another kind of risk from Pete Crow-Armstrong…

For another trading forecast, the Cubs send Willson Contreras AND Ian Happ to the San Diego Padres:

Speaking of the Padres, if they don’t get Soto, how’s this for a backup plan? The Padres and Cubs have made a handful of deals with each other in recent years, most notably the Yu Darvish trade. This would be a way for San Diego, which had already gone all in by adding Hader to the bullpen, to tackle its offensive problems in a meaningful and flexible way.

Happ would improve on what was one of the worst performing outfields in baseball, and Contreras upped the attack on the catcher position (where San Diego has a combined .679 OPS), while also giving the brethren another option at DH. The market for Contreras isn’t as robust as some might think, but Happ is definitely a hot commodity right now. The Padres should be able to put together a package for this pair that doesn’t involve CJ Abrams or top contender Robert Hassell III.

I think this is definitely possible, and even if it were true that the Padres wouldn’t include Abrams or Hassell (fairly, unfortunately), it’s not like they don’t also have guys like James Wood and Luis Campusano and Jackson Merrill and Adrian Morejon and many more quality prospects to form a pack. I’ll keep dreaming about a deal where the Cubs also take Eric Hosmer’s salary and expand the package to include one from Hassell or Abrams, but hey, I’m probably dreaming.

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