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Businesses and event organizers report that Music Midtown Festival is being cancelled

ATLANTA — Companies eager for Music Midtown’s return agree to the sudden cancellation of the annual festival in Piedmont Park.

“We are certainly very disappointed,” said Luz Martinez of Zocalo Restaurant in Midtown.

Music Midtown announced Monday it had to cancel its 2022 festival due to “circumstances beyond our control”. Channel 2 learned that the Georgia arms debate is only part of the reason it was canceled.

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The festival is one of the largest music festivals in the Southeast, and Martinez said her restaurant will miss the big crowds.

“Oh, they will be a loss for sure,” Martinez said.

Sources tell Channel 2 that a Monroe County man is challenging public events that prevent people from carrying guns in public places.

Channel 2 received an email from two independent sources showing a Monroe County man contacting the festival. Portions of the email read: “If a member of your security team addresses a legal bearer of weapons and prevents or ejects entry just because they are legally armed, your company could be sued for damages and all associated legal fees, not to mention Live Nation.”

It’s not the first time a judge has heard a case like this.

A 2014 law in Georgia allowed people to carry weapons on public land. The case involved a Georgia man against the Botanical Gardens. That man claimed they couldn’t ban guns, but a judge said they could because the Botanical Gardens had a long lease.


Many wonder if this case applies to Music Midtown.

John Monroe of GA2A, a state gun rights organization, probably didn’t say, “It’s been the law in Georgia for years if a private entity like Live Nation, the promoter of Music Midtown, if they rent out the property where they host the festival from a public body like in In this case the City of Atlanta in Piedmont Park, they must abide by the rules of public property.”

Michael Zilla lives in Midtown and has attended the festival before: “I don’t believe there should ever be a gun brought into a big festival because you can’t control chaos.”

Many people are now concerned about future events at Piedmont Park, especially with the Atlanta Pride Fest approaching: “We have included the Georgia Open Carry Law in our security plans for years. Although we would definitely like to see more regulation and the ability to limit guns just because we think crowds and guns don’t mix,” said Jamie Fergerson of the Atlanta Pride Committee.

The Atlanta Pride Committee said they will not cancel the event but will have additional security. Meanwhile, those who bought tickets to Music Midtown can get their money back.

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