Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly reached an agreement on a three-year contract extension worth $71.55 million, which could reach $73.5 million. That places Samuel’s average annual salary for the new years between $23.85 million and $24.5 million.

Samuel is expected to earn a base salary of $3.87 million in 2022, the final year of his rookie deal. Where is Samuel now among the 49ers players in average salary if we only look at his renewal money? He takes the number 2 spot and becomes the first spot once the 49ers remove quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the roster.


Avg. Salary
Jimmy Garoppolo $27.5 million
Deebo Samuel $23.850,000
Trent Williams $23,010,000
Fred Warner $19,045,000
Arik Armstead $17,000,000
George Kittle $15,000,000
Charvarius Ward $13.5 million
Jimmie Ward $9,500,000
Trey Lance $8,526,319
Nick Bosa $8,387,966

Samuel is also number 2 when it comes to guaranteed money. $58.1 million of his new deal is reportedly guaranteed. Only one player in 49ers history – Garoppolo with his five-year contract he signed in 2018 – has received more guaranteed money.

Player Guaranteed
Jimmy Garoppolo $74.1 million
Deebo Samuel $58,100,000
Trent Williams $55.1 million
Fred Warner $40.5 million
Arik Armstead $40,000,000
George Kittle $40,000,000
Trey Lance $34,105,275
Nick Bosa $33,551,865
Charvarius Ward $26.620,000
Mike McGlinchey $18,341,721

Numbers courtesy of Spotrac.